Coaching…Is It For U?

What if I told you we can all get what we really want and that often times it comes down to a shift in the way we think about things?

If it were that easy though – we’d be doing it already!

That’s where Coaching u Forward with me comes in.

Clients I partner with:

  • Individuals stuck in some way in their  job or business
  • Business Owners or Human Resources Professionals who want help coaching or developing their staff/managers
  • Anyone seeking to improve their relationships either at work, in their personal lives or both….

Benefits of working with a Coach include:

  • Discovering what you really want
  • Gaining self awareness about what might be holding you back
  • Choosing thoughts and actions that serve you

Through working with a Coach, clients report these positive outcomes:

  • Gaining confidence to achieve goals and/or implement new skills they otherwise wouldn’t have
  • Enjoying better relationships
  • A sense of inner peace
  • Finding and implementing resolution to problems
  • Implementing practical and achievable action plans to get desired results

Meet The Coach, Trudy Zack Fine


I will help you understand what you really want, what’s possibly holding you back and how to process this information in a way that will serve you.

As your Coach, I will offer you a safe place to:
  • Be you – No Judgment.
  • Focus on you – No Distractions.
  • Move forward – No Limits.

Ready to hit the road with me? Contact Trudy to get started.
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